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Short Trip to San Diego

Sunset from La Jolla, CAAt the last minute, I decided to take a trip down to San Diego to visit my sister. Initially, I planned on flying there by myself. I even went so far as to buy a plane ticket. Eventually, though, my cousin and his girlfriend decided to go, so I canceled the plane ticket and booked a room at the Luxor in Las Vegas for the first leg of the drive.

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The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Edwin had proposed in August that we all go to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl (formerly the Humanitarian Bowl) in Boise, Idaho in December. Back in August, I didn't pay much attention to the idea because it was so far from bowl season. In early December, however, I happened to come across that original e-mail. I decided that I would love to get out of town to go to that bowl game. Edwin was still interested (and had previously already booked a room in Boise). Dan and Mindy also decided to go. And so we went to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

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Skiing vs. Snowboarding

Help decide the age-old debate... Skiing vs. Snowboarding.

Wildflowers at Alta

Tonight, we took a drive up to Alta in Little Cottonwood Canyon to take some pictures of the wildflowers. I hope you enjoy the results!

311 - Universal Pulse

Today, 311 released Universal Pulse, their tenth studio album. It's a short album with only eight songs, but each of them is pretty solid. This album, I think, benefits from its brevity. While 311's last effort, Uplifter, was similarly solid, it suffered from having too many weak tracks. Aside from perhaps "Trouble," there really are no weak tracks or repitition in styles on Universal Pulse. The fact that there are so few weak tracks makes this album most suitable as an example of what 311 do best.

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Mindy's friend, Devon, was in town visiting, so we decided to bring her to Moab, UT to see what southern Utah has to offer. It turned out to be a great weekend. We did some hiking, some sightseeing and photography, and we capped off the weekend with a short whitewater rafting trip down the Colorado River.

Trip to Capitol Reef

Mindy and I escaped to Capitol Reef National Park this weekend.

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It Was One of Those Days

ALTA, UT — A late-season storm of ridiculous proportions dropped 26.5 inches of snow starting on Thursday afternoon. The timing was perfect for this ski day to be one of those ridiculously great ski days in the Wasatch. In addition to the snow that had already fallen, there was a 100% chance that it would snow all day today, too. In addition to the previous snowfall superlatives, it is April, so many people have already given up on skiing for the season, which would leave the mountain uncrowded.

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Trip to Utah

I just got back from a quick, but eventful trip to Utah. I skied two days at Alta and Snowbird. I visited with Steve and Melissa, and Paul and Kim. I met up with a few of my former co-workers for lunch and visited the rest of the them at the office. In general, it was just great to be back in Utah again. View the full trip report.

311 Day

After taking a walk down the strip with Mindy in the morning and meeting up with Sheldon in the afternoon, it came time for me to separate from the group and head to the 311 Day concert at the Mandalay Events Center.

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