Latest Archived Hike Reports

Mount Olympus Attempt

Fact: I am out of shape. Truth: I didn't think I was so out of shape that hiking Mount Olympus would pose such a challenge. In fact, I decided to abort my attempt a couple hundred feet from the top.

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Grandeur Peak Hike

Late in the day today, I decided to hike to the top of Grandeur Peak to get some sunset photos. I hadn't hiked to the top of Grandeur Peak since Labor Day in 2005--almost exactly six years ago.

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Mount Olympus Hike

Steve and I started hiking Mount Olympus at about 3:30 PM. We had planned on starting at 3:00 PM, but I was late because I discovered on my way to the trailhead that I had forgotten my water bottles in the refrigerator at home. My return trip home to retrieve my water made me about 20 minutes late.

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Mount Timpanogos Attempt

Westley asked me at work on Friday if I wanted to join him and his brother on a hike of Mount Timpanogos. I decided to join him even though I had to be back for the Utah Utes football game that evening.

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Mount Raymond Hike

On Mount Raymond, I certainly didn't reach my limit--after all, I pushed through and made it to the top--but I could sense my limit as I clung to various fins of rock along the sometimes knife-edge summit ridge. My tolerance for adventure is greater than some, but not as high as I'd like it to be sometimes. Given my decidedly risk averse family lineage, however, it's somewhat amazing I get outside to test my limits at all.

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Lake Blanche Hike

Mindy and I did the hike to Lake Blanche, one of the more popular hikes in the Salt Lake City area on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the summer. The trail wasn't too long or too difficult, aside from a few steep spots; however, I didn't find the destination lake all that scenic.

Paintbrush Divide/Cascade Canyon Loop

- Hiked up to the Paintbrush Divide
- Hiked down to Lake Solitude
- Snowed or rained the whole way down from the Divide.
- Clear weather in Jackson Hole, however.
- Showered at our suite at the Kudar Motel
- Drinks at the Tavern, dinner at the Cadillac Grille and another drink at the Silver Dollar.

Short Hike into Lower Paintbrush Canyon

We woke early in the morning, quickly packed up, and drove towards the Grand Teton National Park visitor center to scure a camping permit for the night.

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Avalanche Lake Hike

After a lazy day boating on Lake McDonald and relaxing on the beach near Apgar Village, Jen, Mindy and I hiked to Avalanche Lake in the evening.

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Iceberg Lake Hike

Mindy's cousin Jen decided to go on a full-day horseback riding trip, so Mindy and I had the day to ourselves. I had proposed doing a hike (of course) and I was glad that Mindy agreed to join me.

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