2009 News Archive

Moving Back East

After 1,589 of, perhaps, the best days of my life so far, today I am moving back east to take a job in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The process to come to this decision was difficult, but, ultimately, I have decided to explore an intriguing opportunity back east.

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Mount Olympus Hike

Steve and I started hiking Mount Olympus at about 3:30 PM. We had planned on starting at 3:00 PM, but I was late because I discovered on my way to the trailhead that I had forgotten my water bottles in the refrigerator at home. My return trip home to retrieve my water made me about 20 minutes late.

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Sunset from Mount Olympus

One of the best ways to conclude a beautiful weather day is by walking up part of the trail to Mount Olympus to watch the sun set behind the Oquirrh Mountains to the west. I was particularly lucky on this day when a group of people on the trail suggested I look to the sky across the valley to the southwest. I spotted two bright streaking objects headed straight toward us: the space station and the space shuttle. Amazing!

August Skiing!

ALTA, UT — Steve plans to ski every month this year. With that goal of his, and a sliver of snow still left on Gunsight at Alta Ski Area, he invited me to join him on another summer ski day.

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Avalanche Lake Hike

After a lazy day boating on Lake McDonald and relaxing on the beach near Apgar Village, Jen, Mindy and I hiked to Avalanche Lake in the evening.

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Iceberg Lake Hike

Mindy's cousin Jen decided to go on a full-day horseback riding trip, so Mindy and I had the day to ourselves. I had proposed doing a hike (of course) and I was glad that Mindy agreed to join me.

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311 Uplifter

Today, 311 released Uplifter, their ninth studio album. I suggest you pick up a copy. I think it's their best effort since 2001's From Chaos. If you buy the Deluxe CD/DVD version of the album, you'll receive two bonus tracks and a "Road to 311 Day" DVD. My only criticism about the album is that, because there is such a breadth of styles on the album, it doesn't flow very well song-to-song. Other than that minor complaint, it's a ridiculously solid album.

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Belgium Trip v2.0

I'm back from my second trip to Belgium to visit Mindy, who is attending graduate school in Brussels. I had a great time, again.

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Awesome Ski Day

SNOWBIRD, UT — After a long layoff from skiing on account of the blood thinning medication I have to take, I heard that Mark Deaver would be in Salt Lake City for the weekend so I decided to ignore my doctor's orders and go skiing for the first time this season.

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