2008 News Archive

Trip to Philly

I headed off to Philadelphia this weekend to attend my friends' wedding and to visit one of my other friends who is also living in Philly.

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Las Vegas and Zion National Park Trip

A few weeks earlier, Sheldon had invited me to join him and his friends from Los Angeles on a trip to Las Vegas. When the weekend came, I busted out of work early on Friday and had an enjoyable drive through Utah, Arizona and Nevada to Las Vegas.

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Trip to Belgium

I'm back from my first trip to Belgium to visit Mindy. Quite simply, I had a great time. Here I will just post some impressions of the places we visited.

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Belgium, So Far

I traveled to Belgium yesterday/today to visit Mindy, who is going to graduate school in Brussels. I'll be here 4 days.

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Mount Olympus Hike

It rained all day yesterday, so when I woke up late in the morning today, I was pleased to see that it was clear. Although I hadn't planned on hiking today, I quickly decided to attempt Mount Olympus again.

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Camping in Little Cottonwood Canyon

Yesterday, Mindy, her cousin Tom and his wife Patricia, and our friends Paul and Kim went camping at Tanner's Flat Campground in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

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My Parents' Visit

My parents came to visit me this week. This year (unlike previous visits) they stayed in Salt Lake City for the duration of their visit, which gave me the opportunity to show them around the place I've been living for the past three years.

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Mount Timpanogos Hike

Westley, Mindy and I started hiking Mount Timpanogos (in the dark) at 5:00 a.m. from the Aspen Grove trailhead. Westley and I summited at about 12:40 p.m. (Mindy hiked up to the saddle--just 800 feet below the summit--but didn't make a summit attempt.) We made it back to the car at 5:00 p.m. for a trip total of 12 hours, 16 miles, 4,850 vertical feet, with a 11,750-foot maximum elevation.

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Broads Fork Hike

Today I finally did some non-skiing-related hiking. Mindy and I hiked up Broads Fork in Big Cottonwood Canyon to the meadow below Sunrise Peak, Mount Dromedary and the Broads Fork Twin Peaks. The hike was fairly short (2 miles), but it gains quite a bit of elevation (2,200 vertical feet).

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Skiing in July!

ALTA, UT — On Monday, July 7, while he was hiking in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Steve sent me a photo from his cell phone of Gunsight at Alta with a ton of snow, still. On Wednesday, I asked if he would be up for skiing it that weekend. He replied that he and Jordan had already planned to ski the chute on Sunday, and that I could join them. And so the plan was born.

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311 and Snoop Dogg Concert

I just got back from the 311 concert at USANA Amphitheatre in Salt Lake City. Snoop Dogg and Fiction Plane opened the show for 311. Fiction Plane (whose lead singer is Sting's son) was pretty terrible. Snoop Dogg was interesting, but he didn't perform so much as he just yelled for the crowd to cheer while backtracks of his old hits played in the background.

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Back from Camping in the Tetons

I just got back from a full weekend of camping in the Tetons with Mindy. Originally, we had planned to go with Mindy's cousin and his wife, but they backed out of the trip at the last minute, unfortunately. I had planned what I thought was quite a dynamic trip, so we just went on our own. The weather was perfect (70s and clear each day), and we had a fun time hiking, camping, floating (the Snake River) and photographing in the Tetons.

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Skied Main Chute with Mark Deaver

ALTA, UT; SNOWBIRD, UT — Mark Deaver came to Salt Lake City this week to visit. He and I went skiing today at Snowbird. The conditions were excellent, the weather was nearly perfect, Snowbird was hosting the US Freeskiing Nationals on Silver Fox, and we even ran into Steve Wiechmann in the middle of the morning. We skied all over the mountain today--including Mount Baldy's Main Chute.

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2005/2006 Video Slideshow

I've been messing around with Windows Movie Maker recently, and I created a few video slideshows. This video covers everything in 2006 and everything in 2005 after my move out west in the summer. So far, it's the only one I've published on YouTube. Enjoy.

Watch it now on YouTube