2007 News Archive

Silver Fork Hike

Mindy and I hiked up Silver Fork drainage today. The trail passes some old mines on the way to a wide-open cirque with yet another old mine. The hike to the cirque was not steep, but it was fairly long.

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311 Concert

Mindy and I just got back from the 311 concert at USANA Amphitheatre. Matisyahu opened for 311. He's this tall, lanky, Hasidic Jew who raps, sings and even beatboxes in front of some pretty decent reggae music played by his band. He was a bit boring, but I really like his music.

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Bear Lake Boating

This weekend seven of us drove up to Bear Lake and rented a boat. We just swam in the Caribbean-like turquoise blue lake and, later, we all tried to wakeboard. It was fun.

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Skied Mount Baldy's Main Chute, Again

Today, Sam, Brendan, Brian, Andrew and I hiked up Mount Baldy from Alta and skied its Main Chute. Today was the second time I skied Main Chute, but I think it was everyone else's first time (except maybe Andrew). I skied it a little better this time--especially the bottom third of the chute--but I still approached it more passively than I should have given the good snow conditions.

Skied Mount Baldy's Main Chute!

ALTA, UT — I went skiing at Alta with friends of my old boss at Snowbird. They are all way better skiers than me, which is why it's so fun skiing with them. They never take the easy way down. Before our first run, they already started talking about skiing Baldy chute, which made me both excited and nervous all at once. After a few "warm-up" runs, we fueled up at the mid-mountain restaurant and hiked up Mount Baldy to ski its main chute, which is a 750 vertical foot, 40-degree steep, 30-foot wide chute dropping off the summit of Mount Baldy. I linked a few pictures below to illustrate the experience. The photos were taken by Steve (my old boss) with his cell phone during the trip.

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