July 2011 News Archive

311 - Universal Pulse

Today, 311 released Universal Pulse, their tenth studio album. It's a short album with only eight songs, but each of them is pretty solid. This album, I think, benefits from its brevity. While 311's last effort, Uplifter, was similarly solid, it suffered from having too many weak tracks. Aside from perhaps "Trouble," there really are no weak tracks or repitition in styles on Universal Pulse. The fact that there are so few weak tracks makes this album most suitable as an example of what 311 do best.

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Mindy's friend, Devon, was in town visiting, so we decided to bring her to Moab, UT to see what southern Utah has to offer. It turned out to be a great weekend. We did some hiking, some sightseeing and photography, and we capped off the weekend with a short whitewater rafting trip down the Colorado River.