June 2008 News Archive

311 and Snoop Dogg Concert

I just got back from the 311 concert at USANA Amphitheatre in Salt Lake City. Snoop Dogg and Fiction Plane opened the show for 311. Fiction Plane (whose lead singer is Sting's son) was pretty terrible. Snoop Dogg was interesting, but he didn't perform so much as he just yelled for the crowd to cheer while backtracks of his old hits played in the background.

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Back from Camping in the Tetons

I just got back from a full weekend of camping in the Tetons with Mindy. Originally, we had planned to go with Mindy's cousin and his wife, but they backed out of the trip at the last minute, unfortunately. I had planned what I thought was quite a dynamic trip, so we just went on our own. The weather was perfect (70s and clear each day), and we had a fun time hiking, camping, floating (the Snake River) and photographing in the Tetons.

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