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Another Short Trip to San Diego

I took another last-minute, short trip to California to visit my sister and my parents, who were in town visiting my sister.

Mindy and I broke up the long drive to California with a stay at Treasure Island in Las Vegas on Friday night.

On Saturday, we drove to Los Angeles, CA. We weren't sure who we were going to meet up with first, Mindy's brother or my family, so we got off the highway onto Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood. From there, we began a long journey to Santa Monica, where we planned to meet up with Mindy's brother first. With him, we had some lunch and checked out the pier.

We then headed back to Hollywood to meet up with my family. We were supposed to meet them for dinner at the Saddle Ranch. It took us over an hour to get there, of course, but it was nice seeing some of the residential areas of Santa Monica and it was nice to drive on Sunset Boulevard into Hollywood.

After dinner at the Saddle Ranch, we drove down to San Diego.

On Sunday, we visited the USS Midway aircraft carrier museum, and spent a lot of time in the Torrey Pines area where the cliffs and ocean views were amazing. We had dinner in La Jolla with my cousin, who was also in town visiting his girlfriend.

On Monday, we drove back to Salt Lake City, via Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, we stopped for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant in Treasure Island.