311 is a band originally from Omaha, Nebraska that I started following in high school. They are known for their fun, high-energy live shows (see the video below). The band tours quite often, and I've consistently attended their concerts through the years. Eventually, I decided to compile all the setlists from the shows I've attended. The Live section contains the details of the concerts I've attended, thus far.

The Albums and Songs sections provide the band's major USA audio release discography (including their limited-release early albums). You can find information on other releases (such as imports, soundtracks, remixes, singles albums, third-party compilations, etc.) at 311's Wikipedia or MusicMoz pages.

311 Day

Every even-numbered year since 2000 (as of 2015), 311 have played a special extended concert on March 11 (a.k.a. 311 Day) of that year. Here are some highlights from 311 Day 2012: